Alpha quinone is a skin lightening serum that corrects brown spots, blemishes and areas of hyperpigmentation without any skin irritation. The active ingredient Alpha Arbutin has been formulated to mimic the actions of hydroquinone without it’s side effects. The synergistic effect of kojic acid gives a superior lightening effects along with antioxidant effect.


  • Highly concentrated serum with Alpha Arbutin.
  • Formulated oil-free, Alpha Arbutin is a non-irritating skin lightening serum that can correct uneven skin tone. Alpha Arbutin mimics the behavior of Hydroquinone without exposing the dermis to  the risks of rebound-hyperpigmentation.
  • From North American Forests, Alpha Arbutin, and extract of Bearberry plant, is a natural skin whitening agent.
  • A tyrosinase inhibitor Alpha Arbutin can be up to 10 times more effective than beta-Arbutin without the negative side effects.
  • Apply thickly on the hyperpigmented spots or overall on the entire face daily as needed or as directed by professionals

Alpha Quinone Serum