General Data Protection Regulation


Hello its Lorraine your health and fitness instructor at Bioskin Aesthetics Limited 12565894

There are some changes in General Data Protection Regulation(s) (GDPR) that come into play on the 25thMay 2018. Should you wish to keep receiving email communications from myself or Bioskin AestheticsLimited you will need to opt in to receive general updates and marketing information via email and text. If you do not choose to opt in we won’t be able to keep you up to date with the latest news about any of the classes that are provided.

In order for you to keep receiving information as demonstrated below, I would be grateful if you would click "OPT IN" to keep receiving communications or "OPT OUT" for all your data to be deleted.

You can opt out and stop receiving information from me by unsubscribing from the website a form is available by clicking HERE, or contacting me directly at anytime. Please be aware that we aim to delete your data within 28 days in accordance within the guidelines within the GDPR, please be patient as the new automated data removal system is currently in the early stages of development and may require me or one of the team to manually delete your data from the systems.

All information on this website is NOT shared with anyone else other than those listed in the contacts page. All information is for the sole purpose to help promote and advertise classes for the purpose of improving health and fitness, , Bioskin AestheticsLimited 12565894.

Health Questionnaires that have been completed in class, are to make me aware of any health issues that I may need to take into consideration when delivering classes and in the event of an emergency to contact your next of kin for any reason when you are at my classes. This information is kept in a file and locked away. The information is not shared with anyone inside or outside of the business apart from your instructor (me-Lorraine Thomas).

From the 25thMay 2018. If you would like me to contact you via phone to inform you of class up dates, i.e. no class tonight due to bad weather. You will need to opt in, by completing Name and Phone Number on the new updated sheet that I will be providing at classes next week. This is optional.

the information that you provide may be stored under both, either, or the below forms.

Digital data storage;

If you data is stored digitally it is done so by using a database, this database is fully encrypted end to end and can only be accessed by authorised persons by an approved device with the encrypted passcode.

If your data is stored on a localised drive (Hard drive, memory stick or computer storage) it is done so by using two factor encrypted authentication and can only be accessed by those who have the encryption passcode.

Hard copy data storage (paper forms)

This will be stored under lock and key, the data stored can only be accessed by me with the access key to the data safe. The access key is also stored in a safe place and can only be removed by myself. Hard copy storage is only used for the collection of health data which may be taken with/to fitness classes/events that I attend, for incase of emergency, of which the emergency requires your data to be used to; contact your next of kin, or provide a NHS health professional details about your health in case of sever chance of loss of life only.