- Aesthetics -


Anti Wrinkle Consultations


1 area - from £130

2 areas - from £155

3 areas - from£210

Advanced Aesthetics 

Babytox face or neck from - £129

Brow Lift - £139

Foxy Eyes- £139

Lip Flip - £139

Face Slimming - £149

Gummy Smile - £149

Nose Sliming - £149

Jowls - £149

Smokers/Barcode Lines - £149

Masseter Relaxing - £219

Jaw & Neck Nefertiti Lift - £249

Underarm Sweating - £349

Dermal Fillers



0.5ml Starfill® - £130

1.1ml  Starfill® - £165

0.5 Juvaderm® - £175

1.1ml Juvaderm® - £299

Cheeks - 

Nasal Lines - 

Marionettes - 

Jaw - 

Chin - 

Rhinoplasty - 


3ml Lips, Jaw & Cheek Package £499

4ml Lips, Jaw & Cheek Package £599

Tear Troughs - £189

A delicate area under the eye that require a treatment plan that is tailored for each individual.  A combination of Jalupro Skin Boosters® as well as a specialised filler for this area may be required. 

Jalupro Skin Boosters®

2 Sessions - £250

4 Sessions - £450


2 Sessions - £299

4 Sessions - £499


£249 Per session.

50% off your first session when you buy a course of 3.

With one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market (64mg/2ml) it is not only boosting and hydrating the skin, but also remodels the raging and sagging tissue.


- Facial's Menu -

- Korean Facials & Skincare  - 

De Mela 02 Peel - £65

Comprehensive Whitening process with multi peeling complex, TXA, Vitamin C and multi whitening plants can fade away melanin pigments. Whitening effect, non-ablative peeling complex, oxygen amplifying, rejuvenation and moisturising.

Bio Cell Active C Needling - £129

As a totipotent stem cell, Chrysanthemum Indium Callus boosts the production of human skin stem cells and protects the human stem cells from stress, thus decreasing wrinkles and producing younger, fresher-looking skin.


Lyophilised power of Vitamin C and cologne have correlated functions with each other in the repair mechanism of the skin by catalysing chemical changes that allows lysine and proline to bind together as collagen units.

Pink Peel Program - £69

A great facial for lifting and repairing tired looking skin.

The Pink Peel Program contributes systematically to regaining the younger cells and skin tissues with an Estrogenic function of Kudzu and improves skin elasticity with lift-THERA, the complex peptides with special microscopic functions.

Vital C Peel + 02 - £229

The best package to brighten, whiten and clear up your skin.

Vital C + 02 provides the comprehensive and systematic approach for achieving the beautiful, white & clean skin. Vital C Oxy Peel consists of a major  5 stage processes of Peeling, Oxygen & Vitamin C & lightening serums.

Black Peel Resurfacing - £99

Black Peel Clear - £99

Active Acne reduction. This peel is made specifically for those with active acne or acne scaring. As a natural organic acid, the black peel is made through the fermentation of black rice. It contains large amounts of organic materials, minerals and especially high amino acids.

Bio Cell White Treatment - £249

Bio Cell White Program - £299

Exclusively used by doctors internationally the Bio Cell White Serum Facial is proven and patented for Rejuvenation & Whitening effect based on its regenerative action for Melasma and ageing skin. Bio Cell White Serum for clinic use is technically formulated with a dual package delivery system for maximum results.

- Chemical Peels  - 

Enzyme Solution - £39

An enzyme peel containing  complex Keratoline® produced biotechnologically it is the least invasive peel type there is, designed for a light exfoliation. Great for supersensitive skin.

Glycolic Acid 35% - £50

Glycolic acid has the smallest molecule out of the facial acids, a 35% acid peel designed for rejuvenation and a deep exfoliation removing dead skin cells and debris deep within the skin.

Pyruvic Acid 30%- £50

Pyruvic acid, at 30%, has an antioxidant capacity that significantly reducing the damage caused by UV radiation. The chemical peel with Pyruvic acid is very effective minimising spots, scars, and other skin imperfections.

Mandelic Acid 40%- £50

Mandelic Acid at 40% has the largest molecular structure meaning it gives minimal irritation and is the least invasive of the chemical peels. Great for tackling rosacea and acne breakouts.

Salicylic Acid 15% - £50

Salicylic Acid is possibly one of the best antioxidant and breakout peels out there. Made from aspirin this peel combats blemished, breakout and active acne.

BioRePeelCl3- £65

BioRePeelCl3 with trichloroacetic acid (TCA) as the main ingredient combines a man made chemical and 14 other active ingredients. This contributes to a profound stimulation of skin replication and biosynthetic process, essential to counter the effects of skin ageing and oxidative damage induced by the UV radiation and pollution.

- Needling Facials  - 

Red Carpet Facial - £99

Immediate results leaving skin Tight, Toned & Fresh

- Dermaplaning

- Dermaroller

- Enzyme Peel

- 2-in-1 Moisturising lotion

- SPF50

A-List Facial - Only £125

Perfect for stretch marks and tightening the stomach and face.

- Dermaroller

- Serum Placement

- Sebo Infusion Mask

- Sonophoresis

- 2-in-1 Moisturising lotion

- SPF50

Fire & Ice Facial £69

Fantastic spa experience for the face leaving refreshed, tight and revitalised.

- Dermaroller

Sonophoresis Pore Extraction

- Cold Hydration Mask

Mesotherapy Dark Eye Circles - £99

Using a cocktail of vitamins to 

treatment the most sensitive part of the face and brighten up the eyes.

Airbrush Facial  - £125

The most have facial will help tighten pores, lift skin and even out skin tone.

Using a micro dose of Botox, Amino Acids and Hyaluronic Acids to create a cocktail of ingredients that will tighten the skin, close open pores and help even skin tone.  Can be used on the face, neck and chest area.

Vampire Facial;

Basic - £99

Meso - £135

Filler - £175

Also known as PRP. The platelet rich plasma stem cells in the body are used to help lift, rejuvenate and even the tone of the skin. Results can be seen instantly. 

The PRP can be used to help with dark eye circles using mesotherapy and as a natural filler for fine lines and wrinkles

- Other Facials -

Jelly Mask - £20

Dermaplaning - £25

Deep Pore Cleanse - £30

Hydration Facial - £30

Glow Facial - £30

Microneedling / Dermarolling - £40

RF Skin Tightening - £50

Facial Massage - £40

Hydration Mask - £40

Casmra Mask-  £40

Dermaplaning Facial - £40


- Private Medical Services -

Blemish Removal:

Blemish Removal is from £45 per session, no blemish is too big or too small. Drop us a message to find out how we can help.

Age Spots - from £45

Blood Spots - from £45

Dermatosa Papulosa Nigra  -from £45

Mole Removal - from £45

Permanent Hair Removal - from £45

Sebaceous Cysts - from £45

Seborrhoeic Keratosis - from £45

Skin Tag Removal - from £45

Thread Veins - from £45

Verruca Removal - from £45

Wart Removal  - from £45

Xanthelasma - from £45

Ear Irrigation - £40

Ear irrigation or ear wax removal is conducted by our in-house registered nurse.

Weight Management

None Invasive Lipo & RF - £80

Fat Dissolving - Small Area - £70

Fat Dissolving - Medium Area - £120

Fat Dissolving - Large Area - £150

B12 Injection - £30

Vitamin C Injection - £40

Vitamin D Injection -£40

Biotin Injection - £40

Vitamin IV Drips

From £100

Hangover Drip from £120

(Pick & Mix your vitamins)


"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and rhythm depend on simplicity"


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